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A Doorstep Fitness Mission

Who we are?

Our business model is based on what matters most of the kids! We want nothing more than to make a difference in children’s lives, and it shows our unique doorstep and Innovative classes.

Kreeda Tantra was born out in Feb-2020, with a passion to teach children in a fun, physically engaging environment. Empowering kids to have a positive self-image through energizing games, exciting gymnastics, cool yoga, and stories that guarantee to keep kids moving, engaged, and nurture them to become healthy adults.

The 4E's of Kreeda Tantra

Entrepreneurship Development

More people would seek opportunities in the franchising sector and evolve into entrepreneurs.


We want to empower passionate business owners like you to make a living while making a difference in their communities

Employment Generation

The tremendous growth prospects of franchising can fetch good employment possibilities with its increasing demand for manpower.

Economic Development

All the above benefits would eventually result in the economic development of the nation.

Need of Child Fitness

  • Alarmingly, with 14.4 million obese children, India has the second-highest number of obese children in the world and they continue to rise, which increases the risk of Chronic Diseases.
  • The intrusion of digital Gazettes creates space for physical inactivity.
  • Changing Food Habits and lifestyle.
  • The awareness about the significance of early childhood development is spreading rapidly in India due to which Children Gym is developing as an emerging requirement.
  • Kreeda Tantra will not only bridge the demand for children’s fitness programs, but it will also elevate the expectation of an entire industry.

Why Franchise with Kreeda Tantra?


We are looking for someone.....

  • Love to work with children.
  • An entrepreneurial soul combined with a strong zest for success.
  • Driven to devote his/her entire efforts to the day-to-day operations of the center.
  • An ability to generally dedicate full time and best deliberations to the normal operation
  • Preparedness to complete a comprehensive training program and become proficient in all aspects of operating a Children’s Gym.
  • Committed to the cause of rendering quality physical fitness services to children.
  • The capacity to oversee funds
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